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Tasty Pickles by Carson

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My Story

Carson has a passion for PICKLES! He also has autism and is learning disabled which makes life for him very difficult. When thinking about his future, Carson feared that he would never be able to get a job. His crippling anxiety about employment and the dread of disappointment encouraged him to begin thinking about being his own boss. Inspired by a school project, Carson started a pickle business. Carson’s pickle adventure has given him an incredible sense of pride and has helped him to not only grow in confidence, but to also improve both academically and socially. 

We are thrilled for Carson and his success! Our hope is that Carson’s story will hearten others, like Carson, to find their niche in life and to motivate all people to understand the importance of supporting DIFFERENT-ABLED individuals.


                               Pete, Debra, Drew & Carson 



Igniting a passion for pickles.



Thank you for helping my dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true.