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Tasty Pickles by Carson

Pickle Kitchen

Carson's story

Carson has a passion for PICKLES! He's devoted, determined, and is the kindest soul on earth. Carson also has autism. Recently, as a result of a school project, Carson launched his own pickle business called Tasty Pickles by Carson. The pickles have turned Carson into quite the entrepreneur. He's been featured in several news media articles/stories. While the success of Carson's pickle empire is inspiring, it is going to be difficult to meet the demands of his budding career without him having his own kitchen and prep area. Having his own pickle kitchen, adjacent to our house, would mean the world to Carson. Not only would it give him the most incredible sense of pride and make his dreams come true, it would also allow his pickle business to grow from hobby to self-sufficiency. If you feel moved to help him build a pickle kitchen, please consider donating to this fund. If you would like to help in another way, visit Thank you in advance for understanding the importance of helping others find their niche in life and for believing in DIFFERENT-ABLED individuals.

Warm regards,
Debra & Pete (Carson's mom and dad) and Drew (big brother)